Everyday life can be grueling. We are constantly running around trying to stay one step ahead of X. In our everyday life do we even take the time to just enjoy? Recently, I put enormous pressure on myself that transferred down the leash to my dog, Cooper. I could make excuses about Cooper’s past that lead to the extreme pressure that Cooper was feeling that day, but in actuality, that day Cooper was in the Now, in that moment with me. Where was I? Not in the Now, nowhere in the present, and looking in the past. What did it cost me? Everything–having fun with my dog, smiling, relaxing, enjoying that moment I called Alert and heard “Yes”, and eventually a title. What did it cost Cooper? Added stress as to why is his handler not paying more attention to the enjoyment of life. On the drive back home, I realized why “It’s a Dogs Life” is so true. We, humans, need to live in that moment. Whatever worries or concerns are bothering us they will still be there tomorrow. Think of all the time you might spend focusing on if only X. I realized from Cooper that day that my if only X should be Now, what is now! I made a promise to Cooper and myself that each day I will find that NOW. I’m striving for the NOW. It is hard in our electronic world and hectic schedule. This month, If you can try to make some time each day to unplug and just sit there with your pet and see what they see, live in that moment. Try walking the yard with them and pauseing when they sniff and you sniff. As you take this journey with your pet, hopefully you will find your Now.