Grooming with a personal touch!

What is Holistic Grooming? Grooming your pet is just as essential to happiness and health as good exercise and eating right. Our furry friends cannot brush their own coats or cut their own nails, so it’s up to us to lend them a hand. When your pet arrives at a specific appointment time we are ready to begin on your loved one. We use highest quality all natural products made in the USA. We treat your pet as our own. Your pet receives hydro-massage bathing machines that deep clean and massage the coat as it is being washed. Each pet is washed two times using variety of wonderful shampoos that we match with the condition of the coat. Each pet is hand blow dry, we do not use heat on your precious pet.

We strive to make the grooming process as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

  Whether this is your furry friend’s first time at a groomer’s or she’s had bad experiences before, we’ll make her feel relaxed, secure, and at home in our warm, cozy salon.

What You Can Expect

1)  We provide truly professional grooming using specialized styling scissors, brushes, and safety clippers. 2)  We customize our styling techniques consistent with breed standards and whatever look you want your dog to have. 3)  We gently comb out knots and bathe dogs using the highest-quality shampoos and conditioners made in the USA with natural, nontoxic ingredients. 4)  We clean ears, manicure paws, and brush teeth. 5)  We provide advice for home grooming tips you can use to keep your pet coifed between grooming sessions. 6)  One groomer handles all dogs by hand from start to finish – so your dog can get to know and trust his/her groomer instead of being passed around from bather to dryer to stylist. 7)  We gently knead a soothing deep conditioner into your dog’s coat down to the skin, calming her with a hands-on full-body massage. 8)  We use a state-of-the-art Bathmaster Animal Bathing System that gives your dog a rejuvenating water massage while we wash and rinse his or her coat. 9)  Our top-shelf dryer is quiet so it won’t hurt your furry friend’s sensitive ears. 10)  Our entire salon is climate-controlled for ultimate comfort.

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10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. Monday – Thursday