We are sorry we haven’t written a blog for the month of August. Our head trainer was diagnosed with cancer. It has been interesting watch her dogs around her since her diagnosis. Some of her pooches have become her shadow making sure she always has someone near her. Other dogs have become the lean on me pooches. When she is down they bring her their wobba to be thrown or they lay next to her with their heads on hers and their paw around her shoulder. Yet others pups have become her protector running interference before someone has time to hug her or jump on her surgery side. The amazing part of her journey is they way her clients dog have been acting with her. Dogs that have never jumped up on people are now jumping up on her; dogs that are shy have been coming near her; and dogs that normally bite aren’t as aggressive towards her. There are expectations to the care that the animals have shown. Her own wolf-hybrid mix for the whole time the tumor was in her body would stay way from her. The animal use to sit next to her and always followed cues from their owner, but until the tumor was removed the wolf-hybrid kept her distance from her owner. In training there is saying “emotions from the handler runs down the leash”. Even though the trainer had no leash on her own dogs could feel the emotions. Humans breed the canine species to be social animals and look at what we have created. Dogs finding people, detecting seizures, heartaches, diabetes, cancer, helping people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety disorders, and human remains. Try this experiment the next time you are just hanging out with your pooch. Smile for 5-10 minutes at your dog and see the dogs’ reaction. Next time just frown or do a scolding face for 5 -10 minutes at your dog and see your pooches’ reaction. It is just amazing the connection we now have with our canine companions. What kind of connection have you had with your pooch recently? Does your dog know when you are sick? How does your pets before change?

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