Our Facility

State-of-the-art dog training in an historic landmark

Fueled by an oil boom in the Roaring Twenties, Downtown Shawnee became a thriving commercial district and tourist destination filled with local shops, department stores, upscale hotels, and majestic theaters. Get a glimpse of Shawnee’s Golden Age at The New Doggie Spot – a building built in the 1920s that we’ve lovingly restored to the regal style in which it was designed.

This architectural gem was initially built as a grocery, and over the decades has been a health food store, clothing boutique, antique shop, and more. We’ve restored an integral part of our city’s rich cultural heritage such as preserving the building’s tin ceiling tiles, refurbishing the store front to match its original time period, and making other renovations for the sake of authenticity.

A Modern Training Facility

While our building comes from a bygone era, it’s as up-to-date as can be where it counts. Being professional dog trainers, we wanted a professional dog training facility: a perfect learning environment for both dogs and people. And we think we’ve come pretty close to that ideal. Our highlights:

  • A spacious 2,000-square-foot training area with high-density EVA foam-mat flooring that is waterproof, non-slip and non-toxic for comfort and safety
  • An onsite retail store link to Store stocked with Made in the USA tasty treats, and food, training gear, interactive games and toys, even jewelry for your dog or cat
  • An onsite professional grooming facility for your pooch
  • Climate-controlled with natural light and filtered water for you and your pets
  • Located park-adjacent, so you and your dog can easily walk outside for bathroom breaks